1914 Mons Star Trio. Kelsey. ASC. Plaistow, Canning Town, London.


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Correctly named trio, T-16921 Dvr A Kelsey ASC, the pair are named to Sjt

Alfred was born in Liverpool in 1881. He previously served with the 3rd South Lancashire Regiment before enlisting into the Army Service Corps in 1900. He served for 3 years and left to the Reserves. His address given at that time was 34 Pragell St London.

We find him on the 1911 Census married to Mabel and working as a hair dresser and living at 3 Clove St Plaistow, Canning Town.

He was re-engaged at the start of WW1 and went overseas to France on the 17th August 1914.

On short original silk ribbons.

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