Mercantile Marine Medal. John Tinton. West Bromwich, Staffordshire. HMAT Port Maquarie Troopship (sunk WWII)


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Mercantile Marine Medal on replacement ribbon named to John Tinton

Born West Bromwich 1875.

Lived at 53 Martindale Road, Custom House.

Served on the troopship HMAT Port Mcquarie between 8th September 1914 and 24th Feb 1915.

(SS Port Maquarie was built in Tyneside 1912, during WW1 she ferried around 1500 troops to and from theatre of war)

Sold several times she was named SS Stangrant in 1939 and took part in 6 convoys  finally being sunk by torpedo 220 miles west of Scotland. Her 36 crew were spotted in lifeboats several days later by a Short Sunderland of the RAF

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