WW1 Victory Medal. Dalton. Sheffield. Northumberland Fusiliers. Tyneside Scottish/NER/Tyneside Pioneers


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Correctly named 45753 Pte J Dalton North’d Fus

Born in 1897 in Sheffield, Jasper Dalton was living at 137 Peter Street when he enlisted. He served in France from December 1916 until August 1917 then went to Italy from December 1917 until April 1918.

Jasper certainly got to know the Northumberland Fusiliers as he served in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 24th Battalions. He went to France with the 24Bn Tyneside Scottish. He also served as 89463 in the Labour Corps. There is a wound report for him dated 27/5/1918 but it doesn’t state the injury.

In 1939, we find him living at 34 Ditchingham Road Sheffield with his invalid mother and wife, Annie. He is working as a cutlers forwarding clerk.

Jasper died in 1961.

On a length of long original (although dirty) silk ribbon

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