WW1 Victory Medal. Stoddart. Pembroke & Glamorgan Yeomanry, Welsh Regiment. Esh Winning, Co Durham


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Correctly named medal 59191 Pte T Stoddart Welsh R

Thomas was born in 1884 and enlisted in November 1916. Papers exist that show he was from Esh Winning, Co Durham and also show an address of 5 ‘Burnice’ Road, Esh Winning. He served in the 24th Bn Welsh Regiment which is the Pembroke & Glamorgan Yeomanry. Thomas was reported wounded on 10/1/1918.

24th (Pembroke & Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion

Formed in Egypt on 2nd February 1917 from two dismounted yeomanry units.

March 2nd 1917, came under order of 231st Brigade in 74th Yeomanry Division with which it remained.

Landed at Marseilles on 7/5/1918.

Prior to joining the Yeomanry Battalion, Thomas served as 5/41813 in the Training Reserve Battalion, Welsh Regiment.

On a short length of original ribbon.


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