The Titanic Lad.

Its probably one of the most famous photographs in the world, especially if you were to do any reading up on the Titanic.

The photo of the lad with the newspaper board titled “Titanic Disaster Great Loss Of Life” for the Evening News in Trafalgar Square.

This young lad, Edward John Parfett, later grew up to answer the call to arms in 1916, where he joined the Royal Artillery with the service number 128981.

He was one of four brothers to enlist but was the only one unfortunately, not to make it home.

He was awarded the Military Medal for multiple errands at the front line as well as being mentioned in dispatches.

He was killed on October 29th 1918, just under 2 weeks from the signing of the Armistice. A German shell had hit the quartermasters stores where Edward was drawing fresh clothing to head home. Had the shell missed then he would have been at home on the 11th of November.

He is buried at Verchain British Cemetery, Verchain-Maugre France.

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