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25 Interesting POW Facts

1. The US playing card company ‘Bicycle’ had manufactured special playing cards during WW2. When the card was soaked, it would reveal an escape route for POWs. These cards were Christmas presents for all POWs in Germany. 2. Franz Von Werra, a Nazi POW was transferred to Canada to deter his multiple escapes and recaptures. […]

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British Army Uniform And Personal Arms WW1.

The British Army used a variety of standardised battle uniforms and weapons during World War I. According to the British official historian BrigadierJames E. Edmonds recorded in 1925, “The British Army of 1914 was the best trained best equipped and best organised British Army ever sent to war”. They were the only army to wear any form of a camouflage uniform; the value of Drab

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A Brief History Of Camouflage.

Camouflage in nature Any history of camouflage must properly start with ‘mother nature’. From wood ants to pufferfish and octopi to birds, a wide array of animals conceal themselves – sometimes amazingly from predators with camouflage. Two British zoologists and an American painter played key roles in translating camouflage in nature into techniques humans could

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