A Little Bit Of WW2 Weird.

Ice Aircraft Carriers, the ‘Bergships’ Project Habakkuk was a British plan by Geoffrey Pyke to build aircraft carriers out of pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice). The carriers, nicknamed “bergships” were to operate as landing platforms for aircraft in the war against the German U-boats in the mid-Atlantic. A small prototype was constructed […]

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Hitlers Big Gun.

Schwerer Gustav. In 1934, the only thing standing in the way of Hitler invading France was the French Maginot Line. Really, it was the only thing that stood in the way of Hitler and Western Europe, a fortification running from the Rhine River to La Ferté made of concrete blockhouses, bunkers, and rail lines. The line was

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The Dazzle Ships.

One of Germany’s most feared and effective weapons during World War I was its fleet of submarines, known as U-boats, that roamed the Atlantic, sneaking up underwater on British merchant ships and destroying them with torpedoes. During the course of the war, they sank more than 5,700 vessels, killing more than 12,700 non-combatants in the process.  The British

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