Boer War pair with 15 Star Trio. Gibson. Lincolnshire Regiment. Chesterfield. Wounded at Shelter Wood, the Somme, July 1916.


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Correctly named QSA 4578 Pte J Gibson 2 Linc Rgt

Correctly named KSA 4578 Pte J Gibson Lincoln Regt

Correctly named WWI Trio 9341 Pte J Gibson Linc R

QSA clasps Johannesburg, Orange Free State and Cape Colony confirmed on rolls as are the KSA date clasps.

Josiah was born in 1877. From his WWI record we see he lived in Callow Green, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

For his service in South Africa, he served with the 2nd Battalion.

The 2nd Battalion sailed on the Goorkha about 4th January 1900, and arrived at the Cape about the 25th.  Along with the 2nd Norfolk, 1st KOSB, and 2nd Hampshire, they formed the 14th Brigade under Brigadier General Chermside, and part of the VIIth Division commanded by Lieutenant General Tucker.


The Doornkop area is also linked in popular history to the third day (29 May 1900) of the Battle of Johannesburg that took place nearby from 27 to 29 May 1900 during the Second Boer War. The ridge was taken by cavalry under command of Lt Gen John French while a nearby ridge, now covered by several Soweto suburbs, was taken by seven infantry battalions, including the following units on the left and right flank.

A note on the Kings South Africa Medal rolls show that Josiah was invalided.

He had sign on again for service in WWI from September 1914. He went overseas to France on the 19th of January earning his 15 Star Trio.

He did a spell with the 3rd Battalion but was with ‘A’ Company of the 1st Battalion on the Somme in July 1916. They were engaged in the Action of Shelter Wood during which Josiah received a gunshot to his left hand.

Shelter Wood July 3rd 1916:

The objective of the attack was the trench that ran along the northern edge of Birch tree and Shelter woods, which had a light railway on its right, this railway would be intuitively used later to evacuate wounded. The Lincolns would be supported by the 12th battalion the Northumberland Fusiliers if required, with the 13th of the same regiment in brigade reserve.

A bombardment of the area began at 8.40am and this was argument by the brigades mortar battery at 8.55am who began a slow fire. At 9am the artillery lifted to the communication trenches and Quadrangle trench and the mortars intensified their salvos. Taking this as the pre-arranged signal the Lincolns leading platoons rushed from their positions to assault the enemy lines, covered by the 62nd machine gun company and the 10th Yorks.

‘A’ company suffered heavily from enemy machine guns, as did its support unit, ‘C’ company, which was rushed up to help, but on the right of the attack the initial attack by ‘B’ company had better luck and ’D’ company came up and helped with consolidation of the position. Though when the Lincolns managed to reach the edge of the woods in the centre it was ’B’ company who were then were now engaged heavily in the tangle of trees and heavy fire from the Germans left in the wood which caused the attack to falter. Again the battalion bombers were used to good effect.

The Lincolns had already lost its commander, Lt-Colonel Grant DSO to a headshot and command had dissolved on to Captain T G Newbury. Many Germans had been safe in their deep dugouts in the wood and these now came out to argument the machine gun troops already engaging the British troops. As a consequence the situation was critical and one company of the 12th Northumberland fusiliers were sent up to support and vicious hand to hand fighting ensued.

We find a second wound report for Josiah dated the 13th of August 1916 but no further information is recorded.

He was discharged in February 1917 and awarded the Silver War Badge numbered 222933 (not present)

Josiah died in Chesterfield in 1960.

All medals have their original silk ribbons and have lovely toning. They are not mounted but independent.



Boer War pair with 15 Star Trio. Gibson. Lincolnshire Regiment. Chesterfield. Wounded at Shelter Wood, the Somme, July 1916.

Availability: 1 in stock

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