Victorian Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. Haley. Kings Own Scottish Borderers. County Sligo, Ireland



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Correctly named 3699 C Sgt T Haley KOScoB’drs

Thomas was born to Thomas and Eliza in 1859. The family lived in Tubbercurry, County Sligo, Ireland.

Thomas find himself in Bradford in October 1878 where he enlists into the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

He is entitled to an India 1854 medal with the Chin Lushai 1889-90 clasp.

The Chin-Lushai Expedition of 1889-90 was a British punitive expedition in Burma and India against the tribes of the Chin Hills and Lushai Hills.

Following the Lushai Expedition of 1871-72, the border regions of Burma and India remained relatively peaceful with few raids occurring. In 1888 however raids become more frequent, and in February 1889, Lieutenant Stewart of the British Army and his surveying party were murdered by Chin tribesmen, and the government was determined to stop the raids.

Throughout the summer of 1889 the Political Officer kept up negotiations with the Soktes and Siyins, but though they surrendered a large number of Burman captives, they continued to give trouble by cutting the telegraph wires, ambushing convoys, and firing into the British posts. These facts, coupled with the advisability of thoroughly exploring and opening out the narrow strip of country which alone now divided British Burma from India, led to the undertaking, in the cold weather of 1889–90, of military operations from Burma and Chittagong into the country of the Chins and Lushais.

There were 500 men of the 1st battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers present.

In 1896, Thomas married Margaret Telford, Clapperton in Annan, Dumfreshire.

His LSGC was awarded in July 1897 for service with the 3rd Volunteer Battalion.

Thomas left the army after his second period of engagement had expired in October 1899.

In 1901, we find him living with his family at 10 Melville Street, Pollockshields, Glasgow. He is seen to be working as a clerk.

There is slight rubbing on the rim of the medal affecting the numbering and regiment but still legible. Please see pictures.

The medal has a new ribbon

Victorian Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. Haley. Kings Own Scottish Borderers. County Sligo, Ireland

Availability: 1 in stock

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