WWI Trio. Borthwick. Whitefield, Manchester. Royal Marine Light Infantry



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Correctly named PLY15437 Pte HH Borthwick RMLI

Born to Andrew and Laura in Whitefield, Manchester in June 1894, Hiram Heaford Borthwick was a butcher by trade.

We first find him living at home with his parents in 1901 and again 1911 at 22 Nipper Lane, Whitefield, Manchester.

He entered service underaged in 1911. He enlisted and served with C Company, Plymouth Division Royal Marine Light Infantry.

He served from March 1913 until December 1916 aboard HMS Devonshire. The Devonshire was a part of 7th Cruiser Squadron which operated between the Shetland Islands and the Faroe Islands.

In August 1914, she did capture a German merchantman.

From the Devonshire, Hiram then served aboard HMS Concorde for the remainder of the War. HMS Concorde was a part of the Dover Patrol serving in both the English Channel as well as the North Sea. Notably, in December 1918, HMS Concorde along with HMS Cardiff sailed to Copenhagen to repatriate Prisoners of War from Danzig.

He was discharged with a very good character in December 1919. Rolls confirm the award of his Trio.

He had married Sarah I Appleby in the February of 1919.

The records for 1921 note him as being a PC of Lancashire, Middleton and Prestwich Division.

In 1939 he is seen to be living at 42 Shelley Street in Prestwich and working as a warehouseman. His son, Alexander, was killed in action with the Royal Navy in 1944 while aboard HMS Asphodel which was torpedoed and sunk by a German Uboat with all but five crew going down with her.

Hiram married Florence Palmer in 1955 and died in 1969.

All medals have original silk ribbons. Please note that the BWM & Victory medals are misnamed to Bortlewick

WWI Trio. Borthwick. Whitefield, Manchester. Royal Marine Light Infantry

Availability: 1 in stock

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