India General Service medal. Afghanistan NWF 1919. Graves. Royal West Kents


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§Correctly named 240273 Pte RCD Graves R W KENT R

Robert Charles Duncan Graves served with the 1/5th Bn RWK and also held the service number 1649. He is also entitled to a British War Medal as well as a Territorial Force War Medal.

His IGSM bears the clasp Afghanistan NWF 1919. This was awarded for the Third Afghan War, sometimes known as the War of Afghanistan Independence.

The War began on 6 May 1919, when the Emirate of Afghanistan invaded British India and ended with an armistice on 8 August 1919. The war resulted in a treaty with the Afghans gaining control of foreign affairs from Britain, and the British recognising the Durand line as the border between Afghanistan and British India.

The medal is on a modern ribbon.

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